Saturday, November 22, 2008

Next meeting, Monday 11/24

The next meeting for Whammo Press will be this Monday at 4 pm in the critique room in the printmaking studios.

Submissions for the revival of the Artillery Zine are being accepted. Drawings, writing, photos, reviews, interviews are welcome!

On the agenda:

The gift exchange.
December 6th Silkscreening Demo.
Zine organization. Submissions are due!
What should we raise money for?

Hope to see you there! New members always welcome.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Need a Sign

Anyone up for creating a snazzy (yes, snazzy) sign to advertise the Dec. 6th event? It should have all the relevant info on it, the logo, and, uh. . .be colorful. May be letter pressed or simply collaged in photo shop. Or silkscreened. You decide. Within the next week.

Muppet and Work Day TODAY!


We are viewing "Muppets In Space" this afternoon around 4 15. Come for a sure fire galactical adventure!
ALSO tomarrow is our first ever work day!! It shall commence around noon and probably go until late afternoon. Please come so we can start making some patches/magnets to get the whammo name out! If you don't have printing (i think we're silkscreening) experience, no worries, we'd love to teach you. SEE YOU SOON, and STAY DRY!

December 6th at Fort Gondo!

For all of you not in the know, Whammo Press is back on for the December 6th event! Right now, the plan is to have a silk screening demo at Fort Gondo, with multiple images to screen onto paper, t-shirts, cloth, anything! If you are a member of the press, start planning on possible images to shoot onto screens. Also, members should plan to donate paper, felt, new /thrift store t-shirts, or canvas to print on. Ink would be helpful as well!

I will be making 30 pieces of paper to donate to the cause. Really brightly colored paper! I challenge anyone to do better than that! Images and paper etc. are due on Friday, December 5th.

Sign up to help on Saturday, December 6th (more than 3 people can sign up for each slot, just add your name) on the yellow sheet on the door to the crit room.

Thanks all!
Angela c/o Whammo Press

Monday, October 27, 2008

Temporary Tattoos!
Zines! Trapped in the Closet!
Silkscreening in Fort Gondo!
Cherokee Show!
Movie night the week after next!
Gift Exchange!
Printing for The Farm!
Michael Pollan!